New Oakville Hospital Parking Garage
  • OwnerHalton Healthcare
  • ContractorEllis-Don jv. Carillion
  • ConsultantParkin Architects jv. Adamson Assocs. Architects
  • Structure Details


    517 TT’s – 350,000 sq.ft.
    120 Beams – 3,800 LF
    143 Spandrels – 34,000 sq.ft.
    66 Columns – 2,500 LF
    4 Column Walls - 730 sq.ft.
    40 Shear Walls – 14,200 sq.ft
    62 Stair Shaft Walls – 13,100 sq.ft.
    40 Stair Risers & Landings

Armtec Brampton Precast Concrete Solutions supplied the precast concrete elements for the 6 Level 1,180 stall Parking Garage built to serve patrons of the New Oakville Hospital Complex.

Armtec worked closely with the Architects early in the production stage to ensure the specified design aesthetics were achieved.
Brampton’s Team crafted 3 different finishes by using textured form liners and pigments, in conjunction with a sandblasted surface treatment. The main goal was to match the precast panels on the adjacent Hospital Complex concurrently under construction.

Brampton’s erection crews carefully sequenced construction by using 5 different crane setups working West to East inside the footprint of the Parking Garage.

A separate smaller 80 ton crane erected the first Stair Tower & Elevator Shaft allowing the General Contractor to get an early start on the construction complexities of the Elevator Shaft. A 300 Ton Crane was then used to erect the large main structure.
The precast installation was completed 2 weeks ahead of schedule, assisting the General Contractor to achieve the original Substantial Completion Date.